Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hispanic foods

My culture is Mexican and I am Mexican from both sides of  the family. My culture was originated from Spain. My culture also has a lot of spices that are originated from mexico. Most of family is from mexico but both grandmas are from Texas and moved to mexico and had children and moved to California and my dad was born in California with his two other sisters.
Image result for corn        One food ingredient that was from my culture is corn. Corn has been around in mexico for over a thousand years. In mexico it is considered a sacred plant.In mexico they use corn to make elotas. Elotas are a corn with Parmesan  cheese all over it with mayo and chili.Another food they make in mexico with corn is A black bean corn salad with spices on it.It is actually a famous dish in mexico.Another dish in mexico is a bowl with a lot of corn in it and they mix all together with mayo and chili just like the corn on a stick but in a bowl.Another dish in mexico is a corn soup and is tomatoes in it with corn and other ingredients.
          My favorite dish from my culture is tortas with beans and rice .My mom prepares this meal for me because she can make really good tortas. there is really no special occasions with this meal because we have usually when my mom makes dinner . but when I do eat tortas its just when we have dinner.I did have this meal one time during a special occasion and it was during my cousins birthday.

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  1. Hello Osacar i like Hispanic foods Tortas are really good my tia makes them every weekend. My favorite hispanic food is trepas

  2. I love Hispanic food. I really like tacos. I like the information you put about your family. Do you like any other food besides Hispanic?

  3. I also like Hawaiian food it is heck a bomb !