Friday, April 1, 2016

A year in my town

One year in my town was 2013 and I was with my cousins outside playing hide and go seek and my dad snuck up on us and sacred us. My dad scared me so bad that I had dropped my ritz crackers on the ground and my dog ate them.I will never forget the time because I felt like I was going to be killed or kidnapped because it sounded like a crazy man from the old people home behind my house.After my dad scared me he started laughing.

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  1. It's good to have a dad with a sense of humour! My dad likes to do things like that too. He tells the best stories and even though he says they are all true, some of them are so fantastical they couldn't possibly be. Don't forget to check your spelling. I know you can spell "scared" because you spelled it right twice. Just one time with a typo. I am a terrible typist and often type the wrong letter so always have to check my blog posts. I bet it you looked at mine, you would find a misspelled word there too! My latest #stubc16 post is here and it’s about the place I most want to visit – Japan! Would you like to go to Japan?