Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The first attraction that everybody wants to see is Yosemite because it has sorts of animals over their like bison,mousse and different kinds of birds.Yosemite also has a lot of geysers that are really cool. Another thing that people might want to go over their for is its in the mountains.Yosemite is one landmark that everybody would want to see.Also some of the geysers are over 100 years old.

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The second attraction is redwood trees.Redwood national park is so fun to see because there are cars that can fit through the tree. Most trees there bigger than a mansion . One tree there is so cool because they made the platform of tree into a school house.And other trees their have great history to them because they are that old some trees used to be around since the 1850s. People also like to visit there because There were going to be shut down but some one saved them and now there a national landmark. 
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The third landmark everybody wants to see is the statue of liberty.The statue of liberty is a great landmark to visit because it is like one of the biggest statues in the world.It is also a great landmark to see because it has great history to it and very interesting to people. The statue of liberty is also 130 years old.The statue of liberty was also created in October 28, 1886.
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