Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Leap Year 2020

A leap Year is A  year that occurs every 4 years that has 366 days.The purpose of leap year is because  the earth doesn't quite precisely orbit the sun in 365 days.In 2020 on February 29 I would like to  be in college and a job that will help me get through college.Also I would like to have a really cool muscle car or a lifted ford truck.In February 29 2020 I would like to Have a nice apartment.I think leap year kind of sucks because if your birthday is on leap year your birthday happens every 4 years.Leap year is also kind of cool because Some thing good can happen on a leap year because its considered good luck.In 2020 February 29 I also want to have a new phone because mine I have right now sucks Its super small and Sometimes it glitches on me and I cant call any body .A leap year also sucks because sometimes people have a special event on a leap year . Some people also like leap year because they probably had a bad event and they dont want to remember it . 

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